Live Blood Analysis


Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis

Live blood analysis is a part of the field called alternative medicine and its proponents claim that it can be used to diagnose a host of diseases. The concept of live blood analysis was started by Gunther Enderlein who also promoted the theory of pleomorphism.

How is live blood analysis done?

The practitioners of live blood analysis take a drop of the patient’s blood and use the technique of high resolution dark field microscopy to study the blood cells. This technique uses the light that strikes the blood from the side and not underneath it. Unlike other medical practitioners, the practitioners of LBA do not dry and stain the blood sample before placing it under the microscope. The blood sample is directly under the microscope. The cells which are observed under the dark-field microscope are projected onto a television monitor. The blood cells appear as dark bodies outlined in white.

Claims by LBA practitioners

The practitioners of LBA claim that it is a simple procedure which can be used to accurately analyze a person’s blood. The process of LBA can shed light over 25 aspects of the blood. The process of dark-field microscopy, it is claimed, allows the analyst to observe and detect vitamin and mineral deficiencies, pH and mineral imbalance, amount of toxicity in the blood, liver diseases, susceptibility to allergic reactions, excess fat circulation and arteriosclerosis. It is also claimed that the process of LBA can detect cancers and diseases of the immune system, long before they can be detected by any other method. Low oxygen level in the blood, presence of too much alcohol in the blood, weak bladder and many other things are claimed to be diagnosed by using this method. The treatment that is prescribed by the practitioners such as nutritionists, herbologists etc, include dietary supplements.

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